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Who is Snoozby?

Snoozby is here to teach children about sleep.

Snoozby wants children to decide sleep is good for them and understand the connection between a good night’s sleep and a great day!

The Snoozby book series teaches elementary school children the importance of sleep in fun and entertaining ways. Children will benefit from a story that clearly illustrates the benefits of sufficient sleep.

In recent years, the importance of sleep in a child’s growth and development has been confirmed by researchers. In addition to the fact that children generally need more sleep than adults, we are learning that ensuring sleep in childhood can have lifetime benefits. Although the critical importance and the need for sleep in children may seem obvious, many of our children fail to get the sleep they need for optimal physical and psychological development and functioning. It is time that we make sleep a health priority – in the home, at school and in our society. We can start by making sleep a family value.